Insurance Continuing Education

State Requirements are the foundation of our system.

States are constantly imposing new requirements to ensure that online education remains a valid source of quality learning. We don’t want to be like everyone else, scrambling to catch up every time a state incorporates a new rule.

In 2011 we completely redesigned our learning engine according to a few core principles:

  1. Online education should be easy to use and reliable for students.
  2. Quality education is more important than quick education.
  3. States will continue to set new requirements that must be followed.

CE Provider Approval

We can help you become a national provider of insurance continuing education. Have you ever wanted to offer your own CE, but struggled to jump through all the different hoops required to file with each individual state? Was it a time consuming mess managing all the different requirements and specifications? Let us handle the administrative work while you dedicate your time to boosting sales and building your training.

CE Instructor Approval

Want to teach insurance CE? We will prepare and file all the required paperwork with the state departments of insurance. Combine this with one of your course or student packages to have us file and schedule your classes, register your students, provide pre-populated sign-in sheets, and collect rosters for state processing.

CE Course Approval

We don’t claim to be experts in every subject matter, but we are experts in understanding insurance education. We work with you and the states to make sure your class is CE qualified. We will file your class for CE credits, keep the course active and renewed during the time you specify, manage state audits, and when combined with one of our student packages will provide every qualified student with a certificate of completion.

Process Course Completions With Regulators

Credits are processed with the regulating body upon a successful course completion. Certificates of completion are sent by e-mail or may be accessed online.

Our Platform Meets the 2009 NAIC Guidance for Online CE Courses.

  • Require each agent to enroll for the course before having access to course material.
  • Prevent access to the course exam before review of the course materials.
  • Prevent downloading of any course exam.
  • Have monitor affidavit containing specific monitor duties and responsibilities printed for monitor’s use to direct the taking of the final exam. Monitor will complete the affidavit after the exam is completed. (This only for states that require a monitored exam).
  • Prevent alternately accessing course materials and course exams. This does not apply if the state allows for “open book” exams.
  • Provide final exam questions that do not duplicate unit/chapter questions.
  • Provide review questions at the end of each unit/chapter and prevent access to the final exam until each set of questions are answered at a 70% rate.