2 Hour Georgia Partnership Training Supplement

Professional Recertification (PRCE)

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2 credit hours

2 credits in PRCE

Topics Covered: Long Term Care

If purchased today, this course must be completed by: September 17, 2020

Other credit types available: CE, Long Term Care Certification


In order for Georgia producers to sell or solicit long term care product, the state of Georgia requires an initial training course of at least eight hours and then ongoing training of at least four hours every 24 months. Producers offering a partnership policy shall obtain and their insurer must verify that they have completed training specifically on the effect of inflation on benefits and the importance of inflation protection.

This course is intended to fulfill the GA Partnership requirement.

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Course Number: 12916
State-Approved Name: 2 Hour Georgia Partnership Training Supplement
Provider: LTC Connection
Provider Number: 755

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Rules for American College PRCE (formerly PACE)

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