Medicare and the Rx Drug Benefit Program

Professional Recertification (PRCE)

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2 credit hours

2 credits in PRCE

Topics Covered: Life and Health, Law and Legislation, Health

If purchased today, this course must be completed by: September 17, 2020

Other credit types available: CE


This course focuses on current Medicare issues as they relate specifically to RX prescriptions for certain individuals and their families here in the United States. It looks at health care and RX prescriptions with special attention to seniors and the various types of government programs and supplementary policies available. Also discussed are the demographic changes and their impact on healthcare in America.

Course Details

Course Number: 15608
State-Approved Name: Medicare and the Rx Drug Benefit Program
Provider Number: 770

Rules for American College PRCE (formerly PACE)

  • Course material may not be downloaded.
  • Exam is closed book.