Certification Management

Our proprietary training technology now delivers a learning management system unlike any you’ve seen before. Through our platform you have clear, real-time visibility into your training and professional development programs. The platform was designed and constructed by a NetStudy team experienced in the unique nuances of state licensing requirements, certifications, and professional designations.

Each certification that runs on our system is designed to recognize the elements necessary to become certified and will track and monitor each student as they meet those requirements.

  • Define the training requirements and coursework necessary to achieve your certification
  • Set the curriculum per user by requiring specific courses
  • Set deadlines on course completion
  • Track and monitor progress
  • Establish automated billing and renewal deadlines
  • Build your certification exam to your specifications including rules for number of attempts, number of questions required, passing grade, and proctor requirements.

Many certifications require continuing education units. Our platform delivers and tracks the completion of those requirements.

  • Set the hours of training required based on each certification
  • Designate training to meet specific requirements
  • Allow for required as well as optional training education
  • Automatically send email reminders of training due dates and non-compliance