Learning Management

We have built a learning engine that will satisfy any training requirement you throw at it.

We have a selection of templates to choose from, but if you don’t like our templates you can always provide your own.

Every learning engine comes with an administrative web portal so you can monitor your classes, track your students, and resend certificates.

Basic Platform Includes:

  • Custom website hosted upon the www.netstudy.com domain (e.g. “www.netstudy.com/yourbrand”)
  • Usage of basic NetStudy website templates
    • Use your own logo
    • Choose your own color template
    • Customize your navigation menu
    • Includes “Powered by NetStudy” cobranding
  • Customizable course catalog
    • Choose from among publicly available coursework
    • May include any of your own private coursework
    • Set your own course pricing
  • Customizable outgoing email messages
  • "Create-your-own" HTML pages
  • Access to your private administration site
    • View status of each catalog course with its respective licensing body
    • View details of all courses taken
    • View processing status of all course completions
    • View all users registered upon or otherwise linked to specified source
    • Manage your website content
  • All future updates to and maintenance of underlying NetStudy platform

Want Even More?

Do you need private branding, or maybe just a little bit more pizazz than our basic platform? We offer a number of options to customize your training platform. Contact us for a personal consultation and we may be able to do even more.

Personalized Domain with SSL

Link your NetStudy hosted site to your own domain name. Domain secured by a 2048-bit verified SSL certificate.

Non-Branded Website

Removal of the "Powered by NetStudy" branding on your site.

Additional Platforms

If one site is not enough for all your verticals and training programs a discounted rate is available for each additional source setup.

Custom Payment Gateway

All collected payments will be sent directly through your specified payment gateway.

Private Phone Support

A dedicated customer support phone number for your company. Calls are answered by our experienced staff as if they are your own CE processing department.

Private-Label Email Accounts

Link in your email account and have our support system send email reminders and certificates through your own support email. Forward CE inquiries from your email account to ours and we’ll answer your support emails too.

Upload Your Existing Training Materials

Place training you’ve already created and published directly on our platform. Recommended third party software programs are Articulate (Studio, Storyline, Engage, Quiz) and iSpring (Professional, Suite).

Custom Website Design

Create your NetStudy platform website to suit your own tastes. Custom template to be designed by Customer and delivered to NetStudy in an acceptable format (HTML/CSS, Photoshop, etc). Template approval or rejection at the discretion of NetStudy.

Format and Upload New Training Materials

We can help you turn any presentation from a Word, PDF, or PPT format into a professional online presentation for a fraction of the cost you’d pay to high end course development firms. Courses may be delivered in the following formats: Text on slides, Text with audio, Video, Video and PPT Presentation