Pricing for Training Services

We have built a learning engine that will satisfy any training requirement you throw at it. Every learning engine comes with an administrative web portal so you can monitor your classes, track your students, and resend certificates. Additionally, our student-facing websites are customizable to your brand.

NetStudy Learning Platform

Usage of our learning platform is priced out below based on a regular monthly billing cycle. To build your service first choose a user access tier based on your estimated number of unique monthly visitors. Then, pick and choose from any of the additional services we offer to create your perfect LMS.

Setup fees are one-time expenses to be paid up front, while fees marked as monthly are billed... well, each month.

Every learning engine package includes a publicly accessible training website, NetStudy co-branding, custom email messages, administration portal, bulk registration of users, API integration, single sign-on, and use of the NetStudy catalog of courses. All additional services are priced a la carte.

Basic Learning Engine Fees

$300.00 system setup fee + $250 monthly site fee + your choice of the following usage fees...

Number of Users Monthly Fee Average Cost/User
1-50 $125.00 $5.00
51-100 $300.00 $4.00
101-250 $525.00 $3.00
251-500 $750.00 $2.00
501-1000 $1312.50 $1.75
1001-1500 $1875.00 $1.50
1501-2500 $2500.00 $1.25
2501-5000 $3750.00 $1.00
5001+ $4000.00 -
On-Demand - $10.00

Usage is determined by the number of unique logged-in users who visit your training site in a given month. Any usage overages will be charged on a per-person basis at the average user cost for your selected tier.

Additional Platform Options

Personalized Domain with SSL
$25.00 per month
Private-Label Website
$10.00 per month
Private-Label Phone Support
$100.00 per month
Private-Label Emails
$50.00 per month
Direct Payment Gateway
(PayPal, Stripe, FirstData, BluePay, AuthorizeNet)
$200 setup fee
Direct Payment Gateway
(other merchant or gateway)
$500 setup fee
Custom Website Design
Contact us for details
Format and Upload New Training Materials
$500.00 per course hour
Use of InsuranceStudy Course
$25.00 per course per month
Use of Entire InsuranceStudy Catalog
$500.00 per month